Sunny Han

Sunny Han, Past Ideology, (background)

South Korean Artist Seung Yup “Sunny” Han is a sculptor currently residing in Chicago. After earning his BFA in 2015 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he began working as an assistant at Sedgwick Studio and is considered the group’s newest member. Along with working in metal fabrication for Seaton Scarff Studio, Han develops his own ideas, hone his metal skills, and transform concepts into original sculpture.


Han creates sculpture from a range of media. Flirting with process and technique, Han aims to gain knowledge through an evolving, unexpected process. While working on a sculptural element, he embraces both precise, anticipated elements and the accidental outcomes that arrive unplanned. role of the viewer is another reason Han focuses so intently on meticulous construction. The physical labor involved in his art creates an unspoken bond. In the end, the art, the artist, and the audience form a truly one-of-a-kind relationship.

Sedgwick Studio, 1544 N. Sedgwick, Chicago, IL 60610

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Sedgwick Studio, 1544 N. Sedgwick, Chicago, IL 60610

Bamboo Vol 1

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