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New Sculptures for CSE 2018!

With a new year comes new Sedgwick Studio art for Chicago Sculpture Exhibit! This citywide exhibition has placed sculpture in diverse neighborhoods since 2001. For 2018, John Adduci, Sunny Han, Michael Young, and Ted Sitting Crow Garner are showing specially-fabricated sculpture. Check out their contributions below and keep your eyes peeled for brand new art all over Chicago!
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John Adduci, Sweet Home Chicago sculpture

John Adduci

Sweet Home Chicago

Aluminum, 11' x 12' x 6'

Location: 3903 N. Sheridan

Sunny Han, Crystal Effect III sculpture

Sunny Han

Crystal Effect III

Painted steel, 4.5' x 4.5' x 4.5'

Location: 739 S. Clark

Michael Young sculpture, Birds of a Feather

Michael Young

Birds of a Feather

Aluminum, 12' x 4' x 4'

Location: 1307 N. State

Ted Sitting Crow Garner, Uplift sculpture

Ted Sitting Crow Garner


Aluminum, 9.5' x 5' x 2'

Location: 754 W. Belden

John Adduci, Loop Da Loop

Michael Young, Day for Night sculpture, Sedgwick Studio
Michael Young recently installed a new sculpture in a site far from home! Day for Night, a new public work, is a site-specific piece in Tampa Bay, Florida. The 13' x 10' x 8' sculpture in 316 stainless steel depicts dancing sun and moon figures formed from leaf-like shapes.
Check it out on your next trip to the Gulf!
Michael Young Day for Night sculpture, Sedgwick Studio

Michael Young, Day for Night

John Adduci, Loop Da Loop

John Adduci sculpture, Loop Da Loop
There's no place like home! A celebration of the windy city, John Adduci's Loop Da Loop  was recently commissioned by the 42nd Ward for Chicago's "Year of Public Art". Standing at 11' x 8.5' x 10', the sculpture merges an iconic "C" with swooping el tracks into a globe - perfect for a worldwide city!
The sculpture is permanently installed at the "Gateway to the Loop", a people's park located at State and Lake - right beneath the train station!
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Cosmic Photography with Michael Young

Michael Young sculpture, Terning, in Sedgwick Studio
Fun with green screens! Michael Young has been experimenting with integrating photography and sculpture with cosmic results! Artist and model Whitney Masters was the ideal muse against Terning, a 4' x 10' x 2' stainless steel and neon sculpture that can be displayed freestanding or suspending. In the air and with the help of Sedgwick Studio's high ceilings, the sculpture was transformed into otherworldly wings!
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John E. Bannon, The Origin of Wonder (background)

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